AKS offers a diverse range of technologies aimed at removing pollutants from water, ensuring water reused or discharged to
the environment is of suitable quality. Our ability to custom engineer and locally manufacture solutions sets us apart from
the competition.

We employ a range of smart technologies to help treat water in a variety of situations. AKS brings a unique custom approach to each water management problem. We offer bespoke solutions using high technology or advanced biological processes, or a combination
of both these processes for best effect.

AKS has built a reputation as a problem-solving organisation, with hundreds of successful projects completed across Australia. Further enhancing our reputation as an industry leader is the inclusion of MBRTech products within our portfolio of brand offerings along with a host of internationally recongnised and proven equipment brands.

Our key brands:

  • Aggressor – Large capacity blowers for industrial or municipal applications
  • AquaBEAD – Suspended biofilm carriers
  • Avenger – Floating surface & submersible aerators
  • Biopak – Packaged wastewater treatment system
  • Chem-sphere – Decontamination, pH correction & chemical dosing systems
  • DCL Lamella – Clarifiers for the continuous separation of sediments
  • Escava – Grit, solids & heavy solids separator systems
  • Hausler – Dewatering systems
  • MemPAK – Customised ground water treatment systems
  • MemPAK – UV & chemical dosing disinfection systems
  • MemPAK – Solar powered sewage & potable water treatment plants
  • MemCASE – Packaged MBR tertiary treatment systems
  • MemPAK – Packaged wastewater treatment plants
  • ORB – Range of water mixing solutions
  • OTT – Aeration diffuser systems
  • Sentry – Dissolved air flotation systems
  • SPEL – Unique sustainable biological floating wetlands filtration system
  • Trent – Side channel blowers/exhausters
  • Ultima – Submersible pumps, macerators & pump stations
  • Winnow – Water filtration

With our own local manufacturing facility, AKS is able to create fully customised solutions tailored to customer unique requirements.