With an ever expanding footprint, Australian towns and cities are having an impact on the quality and quantity of stormwater run-off back into the environment.

AKS turns this problem into an opportunity by offering a complete set of stormwater solutions that provide outstanding results. These solutions can be combined to provide specific treatment, filtration and detention or retention outcomes aimed at satisfying both commercial and environmental needs.

AKS employs a strategic end-to-end approach to the design of stormwater systems with a focus on long-term goals.

Our solutions can be split into 4 areas:

  1. Primary & Secondary Treatment – Separates gross pollutants, sediment and helps remove nutrients.
  2. Hydrocarbon & Oily Water Treatment – Effective separation and spill containment.
  3. Tertiary Treatment – Removes inorganic compounds and substances like nitrogen and phosphorus along with bacteria, viruses and parasites potentially harmful to public health.
  4. Reuse and Detention – Controls stormwater outflow and manages storage opportunities for water reuse.

Our key brands:

1. Primary & Secondary Treatment

  • Stormsack – At source gross pollutant trap
  • Ecoceptor – One piece gross pollutant trap
  • Vortceptor – Offline secondary sediment & gross pollutant removal system
  • Baffle Box – Inline, complete flow treatment with clear observation cover

2. Tertiary Treatment

  • Hydrochannel – At source, complete spectrum WSUD treatment system. Captures within a trench channel drain.
  • Hydrosystem – Suitable for 100m2 – 50ha catchments with minimal fall & head requirements.
  • SPEL Filter – Dry sump system.
  • SPEL Basin – Modular bioretention system with integrated primary treatment.
  • Floating Wetlands – Sustainable biological filtration system.

3. Hydrocarbon & Oily Water Treatment

  • Puraceptor – Treatment & spill containment with stormwater discharge. Suited to refueling & transformer yards.
  • Stormceptor – Oily and sediment laden water treatment for heavy industry & land development.
  • Triceptor – Spill containment & high flow treatment for large catchments.
  • ThundaFlo – Unique channel drain for heavy duty stormwater conveyance.

4. Reuse & Detention

  • Stormchamber – Subsurface detention or reuse tanks.
  • Torpedo – Fiberglass tanks to store stormwater or chemicals. In pumped or gravity overflow configuration.