Australia is growing up fast, with medium and high rise developments now common place as the population booms. To handle the water needs that these developments bring AKS has engineered a range of highly efficient and scalable solutions designed to handle the pressure. Our experienced project planners and designers provide free consultation and accurate advice on the application of industry practice and Australian Standards for the design and installation of all water related building services.

We also provide accurate schematics and installation assistance for residential, multi-story, commercial, industrial and general construction projects. In addition, our ability to design bespoke solutions for unique scenarios means we provide our customers extra value not found elsewhere in the industry. Many of our established brands have become synonymous as industry standards, including our extensively specified Cascade, Dominator, Ultima
and Torpedo products.

Our key brands:

AKS has WaterMark certification for our range of Cascade Booster pumpsets, Purerain rainwater harvest pumpsets and Equator circulator pumpsets. AKS are one of the only manufacturers worldwide to carry this level of certification for this type of equipment, testimony to our investment in innovation.