AKS Industries offer a comprehensive range of innovative detention and retention solutions designed to effectively reduce flooding and provide stormwater storage for water reuse.Applying the knowledge of our experienced team of engineers, AKS Industries can custom design suitable stormwater solutions that will precisely suit each project.

Following a comprehensive brief AKS take the following factors into account to determine the most effective solution:

  • Catchment size
  • Contaminant types
  • Traffic loadings
  • Inflow and discharge flow rates
  • Pipework diameters
  • Groundwater limitations
  • Risk analysis including nutrient, total suspended solid loads and spill containment factors

AKS have successfully completed various applications for stormwater detention and retention, including car parks, residential areas, driveways, commercial developments, shopping centres and detention ponds.

Take a look at the AKS range of detention and retention products:

  • SPEL Stormchamber
  • SedimenTraps™
  • Torpedo tanks

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