Service stations, refuelling stations and transformer yards require environmental risk management to minimise damage to the environment and risk to public health. Pollutants and bi-products from this industry are easily transferred into stormwater drainage.

AKS Industries have over 20 years experience providing cost effective environmental solutions to meet EPA Victoria, codes of practice, environment protection policies and Australian Standards. Please talk to one of the friendly team about complete project management including initial planning, design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

According to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, key environmental issues for service stations, wash bays, workshops, refuelling stations include:

  • Contamination risks to water resources through diesel, coolant, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, solvents, petrol and oil spills or leakages
  • Leakage from storage facilities especially in single-walled underground tanks
  • Stormwater pollution
  • Soil and groundwater pollution
  • Wastewater disposal from vehicle wash facilities

In order to avoid costly repairs, shut-down periods and penalties,consult with the AKS Team about specific requirements for oil water separators, first flush diversion systems, service and maintenance for your service station, refuelling station or wash bay project.

  • Oil water separators
  • First flush diversion
  • Stormwater detention systems
  • Stormwater retention and reuse
  • Tertiary treatment devices to eliminate the requirements for bioretention land take


Tips to consider:


Service station forecourt design must comply with environmental legislation

  • Stormwater drains must receive rainwater only
  • Oily water must be treated through an oil water separator before drained to the sewer
  • All equipment is required to be cleaned, serviced and well-maintained
  • Fuel spillage must go to a safe storage vessel
  • Oil spill prevention