AKS Industries have over 25 years’ experience creating environmental solutions to meet WSUD objectives for urban developments and council requirements all over Victoria and Tasmania.

Our goal is to provide the most effective, viable environmental solution to reduce the impact of industry on the natural environment. The treatment train is the best approach to enhance water quality with a primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment system.

Some sites may only require a single system to meet water quality objectives for council requirements, AKS can assist with those too.

Taking into account catchment size, pollutant protection for receiving waters, physical placement for rainfall conditions, contaminant types flow rate and risk analysis (nutrient and total suspended solids TSS inundation and spill protection) we create customised environmental solutions.

All environmental solutions are manufactured, installed, serviced and maintained by one local, Australian company, AKS Industries.

We manufacture, install, service and maintain:

  • e.g. Rainwater harvesting
  • Stormwater solutions design, installation and maintenance
  • Floating wetlands
  • Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs) to meet the scope of stormwater treatment
  • Retention and reduction of total suspended solids, nutrients (including nitrogen and phosphorus), heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons from aggressive industrial sites, roadways, mines and wash bays.
  • High risk sites – with high chance of oil spill
  • Capture of gross pollutants and suspended solids from busy shopping precincts and recreational grounds.
  • Retention of natural refuse and gross pollutants from low risk residential and rural areas.

Arrange a maintenance agreement or facilities management plan. AKS Maintenance will provide ongoing and routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle Service and Maintenance.