Vault pump sheds provide pumpset security like no other pump enclosure. The ergonomic and adaptable design means the Vault can blend into any environment from a Porsche Showroom to the lake shores of the Grampians Paradise Caravan Park.

Beginning with a heavy duty galvanised steel base, Vault pump sheds are manufactured at AKS Industries in Geelong, Victoria or made on-site. The finest quality parts are selected to maintain pump security – made from heavy duty 2mm thick galvanised steel sheet and chrome door handles with heavy duty locks and stainless steel hinges give doors longevity.

Each unit is powercoated to a Colourbond colour of your choice so that it blends seamlessly with the surroundings.

AKS Industries fit the Vault pumpset enclosures with all internal pipework, lighting, heating and ventilation required, this means trades are required to fit anything on-site. Simply connect power and water and the fully operational system is ready for commissioning.

  • Fire pump enclosures
  • Irrigation pumpsets enclosures
  • UV disinfection and water treatment units
  • Control panel enclosures
  • Stormwater harvesting pump sheds.

Pump Enclosure Installation

Saving installation time is a major key to success on any project. Vault pump protection systems can be installed exceptionally quickly ensuring your projects run on time and to budget.

Fire pump enclosure versus installiong a fire pump in a shed, AKS Industries

Below is a installation comparison indicating the time savings over installing a Dominator Fire Pump inside a typical shed versus installing a “Plug and play” Vault Enclosure.

Pump enclosure installation vs pump installation into existing shed