Fed up with sewerage pump jams? Do you have a problem pumpstation that gives you trouble regardless of how much money you spend? AKS Industries’ Ultima Macerator Stations chew up all pumpstation problems!

Ultima macerators are the solution and a proven game changer for problematic sites. Simple in principle, effective in execution and reliable in operation, these macerator stations are a purpose-built, patent-pending design. With  its series of hardened cutting teeth, the Ultima will grind, shred or macerate anything that comes through the sewerage system.

  • Patent pending design
  • Super easy for maintenance
  • Removable without entering the pit
  • Anti-jamming auto reverse feature
  • Flow rates 1 to 400+ LPS

Though similar macerator pumps have been used around the world for years, they are typically mounted in pumpwells and custom made pits that are poorly installed and difficult to maintain.

Manufactured in Victoria for use Australia wide, AKS Industries’ macerator pumps are either installed on the gravity sewer line before the pumpstation or on the inlet connection within the pumpstation. This makes them quick and easy to install and their unique patent-pending design makes them easily accessible for maintenance.