Water Storage – Torpedo meets the challenge

Water storage is met with the increasing challenge of limited real estate, especially in rapid-growing Victoria. ‘Just put in a tank’ is the simple statement often heard within the development industry.

AKS Industries’ Torpedo series has a range of below ground liquid storage tanks providing the ultimate water storage solutions for limited space. Designed both standard and pressurised applications to cover all your needs including:

  • Detention and retention systems
  • Firewater and rainwater storage
  • Emergency overflow storage tanks for sewer or stormwater pumpstations
  • Pumping and rainwater harvesting
  • Chemical storage and more.

Torpedo Storage Tank Construction

Torpedo water storage tanks are popular with installers, architects, consultants and end users. Manufactured to AS2634-1983 standard in one piece, Torpedo storage tanks are fast and easy to install, incredibly lightweight yet robust enough for installation in ‘trafficable’ or above ground applications.

As the storage tanks are completely open internally they are easily accessed and cleaned. Below ground installation saves precious space while keeping the storage tank out of sight providing a clean, uncluttered finish to your project.

Torpedo water tanks are cylindrical and made from fibreglass. This construction makes them extra durable and easier to drain completely. Construction materials are versatile in chemical resistance and have a smooth, non-porous finish making them easy to clean.

Torpedo storage tanks are tried, tested and proven over many years, fully engineered to stand the test of time. Talk to a sales consultant from AKS Industries for a quote on water storage tanks or liquid storage solutions for your next project.