Primary treatment systems and stormwater quality management are in high demand all over Victoria. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) requirements are more stringent as demand for space in commercial developments increases.

SPEL StormSack filtration solutions are stormwater treatment devices engineered to fit directly into the stormwater drainage system at source.

Easily retrofitted into new or existing structures the SPEL StormSack filtration technology is an at source approach to stormwater treatment that reuses existing site infrastructure and adapts it to meet specific site water quality goals.

  • Durable, aluminium frame construction
  • Optional integral oil boom – captures oil and grease spills
  • Polypropylene netting – protects sack from suction hose during maintenance
  • Unique design allows filters to be easily cleaned, trapping pollutants under the cover grate of the pit.

he Stormsack is designed with a long life in mind, the system has an aluminium main frame with a HDPE support lip and an advanced technology material filtration sack.

Typically Stormsack is mounted in your grated pits, it sits on the lid frame, just under the grated lid. This lifts the grate slightly (3-5mm) and it means that with your standard grated pits mostly need no additional hardware to install the Stormsack. Typically the Stormsack takes around 10 – 20minutes to install per pit.

In Side Entry Pits (SEP) or large and custom pits, we can fabricate a frame which simply gets secured to the walls of your pits and the Stormsack will sit on top of the frame.

When it comes to treatment of the runoff, surface water flows into the pit and it firstly has to run through the Oil Boom (2) that is mounted within the Stormsack. This Oil Boom is designed to treat the runoff and capture intermittent oil flows and sheens that happen on every carpark and roadway. It aids and provides protection in the downstream tertiary treatment system.

The water then flows through the filtration sack, this is where the separation begins. Using a high flow, low impedance, 80µm mesh we are able to provide an exceptional level of guaranteed treatment quality. This very high performing mesh provides far superior treatment than traditional GPT’s for Total Suspended Solids reduction (TSS) and other pollutants.

One of the key features of the Stormsack is that it has an internal polypropylene netting that protects the sack from ripping during maintenance from a vacuum truck, this has been an issue with other “At source” GPTs.

The Stormsack also features an integral bypass for the situations when the flows are high or when the system may not have been maintained.

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