AKS Industries’ Stormchamber is the answer to your water detention, water storage and conveyancing challenges Victoria and Australia wide.

Constructed from HDPE and vacuum therma- formed for perfect consistency, the AKS’ stormwater chamber systems are stronger than any modular tank system available in Australia.

Following rigorous testing, the Stormchamber was proved to maintain its integrity with an expected design life exceeding 100 years.

This durable system is an example of value engineering at its best, making the Stormchamber water detention system extremely cost effective:

  • Up to 45% less components than other stormwater chamber systems
  • 80% less than other water tank designs
  • 70% more cost effective than concrete pipe.

Three major differences between the SPEL Stormchamber and other stormwater storage systems:

Strength and loadings

The Stormchamber has the highest load rating of any modular tank available. It has been independently tested to exceed H20 by 4 times and our standard module can be used up to 9 meters deep allowing multi-layer installations.

Stormwater Maintenance

Designed to make stormwater maintenance and servicing easy and efficient, the Stormchamber’s inlet chamber can be access from the surface and maintained with a vacuum truck.

Design Flexibility

There are three different modules within the Stormchamber, so the tank can be configured to suit almost any available area.

Talk to an experienced consultant at AKS Industries about your requirements for stormwater storage and water detention Victoria and Australia wide.