The SPEL cartridge filter from AKS Industries is for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and tertiary stormwater treatment. The experienced team at AKS provide full service from design and inception through to installation and ongoing maintenance Victoria wide.

As an upflow spiral design, the SPEL filter cartridge requires minimal footprint and provides consistent pollutant removal.

How does the SPEL water treatment cartridge filter work?

  • Hydraulic pressure forces the stormwater water up through the media
  • When the filter is full, a syphon starts and treated stormwater water runs out through the centre manifold pipework
  • On completion of a treatment cycle, the cartridge backwashes, dislodging particles from the filtration layers and re-establishing filter porosity
  • Dislodged particles accumulate with silt on the vault floor for easy removal during a maintenance cycle.

Design and Water Treatment Trains

An AKS Industries consultant can help you design a treatment train to meet your requirements.

With its significant surface area, designated flow path and high flow capacity, the SPEL Filter can be installed in a variety of structures, including concrete pits, fibreglass stand-alone or cast in-situ structures.

Each system is optimised either by pre-treatment with our Gross Pollutant Traps (SPEL Ecoceptor or SPEL StormSacks) or the Stormceptor, to specifically suit site and local authority requirements by our qualified team.

Talk to AKS for a about design options and a fast quote on a SPEL filter Victoria wide for your next project.