SPEL Basin

As the population increases and land development follows, the EPA reports that stormwater runoff presents Australia’s number one water quality problem. As the Federal and State government requires industry to reduce stormwater runoff, fast, effective and affordable water treatment systems are in high demand.

The SPEL basin is the soft engineered option for treating stormwater whilst reducing footprint.

The SPEL Basin Modular Bioretention System is a highly advanced stormwater filtration system from AKS Industries Victoria. Suited to standard catch basin structures, bioretention cells, rain gardens and media filters, the SPEL Bioretention Basin provides a soft engineering option with a reduced footprint.

Reduce installation costs onsite with the combined benefits of horizontal flow treatment and performance within a pre-packaged system.  Significantly reducing installation time for an in-situ raingarden solution, the SPEL Basin is guaranteed to perform as designed.

The SPEL Basin also reduces leakage issues and allows installation around footings and retaining walls, compressing the area required for treatment to best practice WSUD.

Advantages of the SPEL Basin:

  • Application – Wide variety of configurations for new construction or retrofit
  • Versatility – Can accept variable pipe size or run-off direct from the built-in curb or a drop inlet
  •  Lower maintenance costs – The pre-filter chamber eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Volume sizing – The SPEL basin Modular Bioretention system can be installed downstream of water retention systems
  • Integral pre-treatment – SPEL Basin yields longevity of treatment bio-filtration media.
  • Increased treatment surface area – Reducing footprint and land take
  • Optimal growing conditions – Lower plant mortality rate.

Bioretention rain garden vs modular bioretention AKS Industries

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