Effective stormwater treatment is a primary concern for local and state council across Victoria. AKS Industries pre-fabricate, install, service and maintain SPEL Baffleboxes to existing and new stormwater drainage.

Baffle boxes have proven effective in removing sediment, suspended particles and associated pollutants from storm water.  The SPEL Bafflebox is a primary and secondary, full flow treatment device of simple design, with superior treatment results for all catchment areas.

Available with view covers, this unique settling tank allows full viewable access for surveillance and easy maintenance. Keeping the separated litter and foliage out of the static water line prevents it becoming septic, this is unique to the Bafflebox.

Features of the Bafflebox

  • Easily design & installation – New and existing drainage lines.
  • Fast installation – Prefabricated by AKS means 2-3 lifts onsite, installation expected in under a day.
  • Treats entire flow through the treatment chamber – No bypass. If installed prior to a creek, outfall, wetland, sediment basin or tertiary filtration system, maintenance is greatly reduced.
  • Separates litter and foliage from water and sediment – Dry capture cage creates a dry zone preventing organic matter from turning septic.
  • Treatment of Gross Pollutants (GP), foliage, Sediment (TSS), Nutrients and Hydrocarbons (TPH).
  • Hydroweir is buoyant with the flow, always preventing floatables and hydrocarbons from discharge.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – Easy and safe inspections allow unrestricted maintenance access.

Talk to AKS to get a fast quote on a SPEL Baffle Box for installation anywhere in Victoria.