AKS Industries’ Rainceptor is a high performance inline rainwater filtration device designed to filter rainwater/stormwater runoff from roof areas.

This highly efficient rainwater filtration system filters rainwater in gravity drainage systems before it enters the storage tank. Primarily designed for in-ground installations, the Rainceptors can be configured with stands to be installed above ground as well. AKS can create a complete customised rainwater harvesting system when the Rainceptor is teamed with Torpedo storage tanks and a Pure-Rain rainwater reuse pumpset.

As rainwater is collected off the roof, leaves and larger dirt particles are washed directly to the council drainage. Pre-filtered water then passes through a secondary filter, screening the water down to 500microns and clean water flows to the rainwater storage tank.

Key features:

  • Gravity rainwater filtration for larger areas – up to 6600m² per unit
  • Prevents silt, leaves and debris build-up in storage tanks 
  • Delivered to site pre-assembled for Quick and easy installation
  • Filter is self-cleaning to minimise maintenance time and costs
  • Bypass-installation allows larger areas to be connected
  • Customisation – available in a range of sizes and options to suit site-specific requirements
  • Cut costs with one local supplier for all components of your rainwater harvesting system – manufacture, commissioning, servicing and maintenance.

Get a fast quote for the Rainceptor rainwater harvesting system or talk to AKS Industries about your specific requirements for a customised rainwater reuse system.