With rainwater harvesting playing an increasingly important role in meeting modern water demands, AKS has introduced the customisable Pure-Rain range of rainwater pumpsets and filtration systems. These are ideally suited for use in commercial and domestic rainwater re-use applications including toilet flushing, irrigation and clothes washing.

Our smart modular Pure-Rain design allows us to quickly provide you with a project specific system, incorporating the correct filtration for your application, saving you time, money or needless over specification.

WaterMark Certified Pumps

WaterMark approved, Pure-Rain presents approved packaged rainwater pumping and treatment systems for rainwater harvesting. Whether for an alternative water supply to a multi-storey apartment building or irrigation for a new landscape area, the Pure-Rain range presents customised rainwater harvesting systems to suit any project requirements.

“Specify with confidence”. – The WaterMark accreditation assures that AKS Industries’ Pure-Rain rainwater pumpsets are independently guaranteed for quality and efficiency.

Our ISO-9001 accredited production facility ensures high quality products and long term reliability. As with all of AKS’ pumpsets, Pure-Rain rainwater pumps are performance-tested prior to despatch.


All standard rainwater pumpsets include:

  • Watermark certification
  • ISO-9001 accreditation
  • Automatic mains water back-up, functioning on power failure, pump fault or low tank level
  • Industry leading control systems
  • Full performance testing
  • AKS Industries’ service team back-up.