The Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System, monitors the level within the basement rainwater harvesting tanks and shuts off the inlet when the tanks are full. Additional flows are then sent to the legal point of discharge, preventing your rainwater system from overloading.

Significantly, the system utilises our new Pure-Rain Smart Valve, which incorporates high level BMS, allowing remote monitoring and control over the system. Another major benefit of the system is that it allows you to use standard tanks and pipework, as opposed to a traditional charged drainage system. This provides major installation labor cost savings and dramatically reduced maintenance costs.

The Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System is quick to install, and easy to maintain using the APP Assistant.

(NOTE: The Torpedo fully sealed system can be used as a charged solution if this is required)

We also offer the Pure-Rain Diversion System for use with “Washbay” systems, monitoring when water should be going to tradewaste or stormwater and directing the flows accordingly.

Pure-Rain Diversion Systems are the SMART way of managing your flows.

Pure-Rain Pump products are WaterMark approved

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