Purerain is a rainwater harvesting first flush diverter designed to capture the first flush of rain after pollution generating activity has occurred. Rainwater is then diverted to a holding tank for reuse.

WaterMark approved

WaterMark Certified Pumps
What happens to the overflow when your rainwater tank is below the level of the stormwater discharge?How do you operate a washbay or refuelling area without a high risk of the pollutants going to stormwater or the clean rainwater to tradewaste?

The answer is in the Purerain Diversion Systems designed and manufactured by AKS Water Solutions.

The PURERAIN “Tank Fill” Diversion system will automatically sense when your rainwater tanks are full and automatically divert the flows out to your legal point of discharge, eliminating the risk of flooding, and without needing a charged basement drainage system.

(NOTE: The TORPEDO fully sealed system can be used as a charged solution if this is required)

The PURERAIN “Washbay & First Flush” Diversion systems will monitor when the water should be going to tradewaste or stormwater and direct the flows accordingly.

The PURERAIN diversion systems are the SMART way of managing your flows.