The SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention, Class 1, oil water separator that treats all flows. The Puraceptor is suitable for stormwater, waste water and trade waste discharge.

When designing sites you two points need to be considered: maximum oil spillage and maximum stormwater flow. Each project is custom designed and supplied as a fit-for-purpose solution by the AKS Industries’ engineering team.

A two chamber unit, the Puraceptor oil separator is fitted with a coalescer and automatic closure device, specifically designed to contain major spills of hydrocarbons to suitable high risk applications.

It achieves water quality discharge of less than 5ppm, complying with European Standard BS EN 858.1.2006. Standard treatable flowrates start at 2LPS, making it a suitable oil separator for all stormwater catchments.

Why the Puraceptor Stormwater System?

Key features of AKS Industries’ stormwater system with the SPEL Puraceptor are:

  • Two-chamber system: The Puraceptor oil water separator isn’t a single chamber system (AKS’ single chamber system is the SPEL Spillceptor, specifications available on request). Single chamber systems are suited to select applications only. With a two-chamber separator, when a spill occurs the discharge quality is compliant and the stormwater system will continue to perform.
  • Testing: As with all SPEL products, this oil water separator is rigorously tested by independent third parties so you can ‘specify with confidence’
  • The SPEL Puraceptor is tested by third party universities in the field and in the laboratory
  • SPEL have installed Puraceptor oil separators worldwide for over three decades and Australia wide since 1991.
  • That’s over 1000 stormwater system installations across Australia and Victoria, assuring a proven product.
  • No electrical or human operation: The Puraceptor stormwater system operates using gravity, eliminating any need for power.
  • Easy council approvals – AKS Industries have established relationships with all councils and regulators in the growth areas throughout Victoria. This makes stormwater system approvals easy.