Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) forms part of AKS Industries environmental approach to planning and designing urban areas across Victoria and Tasmania to treat and purify stormwater so it can be reused as a valuable water resource or released back to the environment.

As sites get smaller, tighter, more complex and the cost of land increases, there is a greater need for high performance, easy to install stormwater treatment devices that have a small footprint.

The SPEL Hydrosystem is a tertiary stormwater treatment device installed throughout commercial and residential land development sites worldwide. Compared to raingardens, constructed wetlands and bioretention, the SPEL Hydrosystem reduces the land take for WSUD from over 4% of the entire catchment to virtually zero.

The Hydrosystem provides guaranteed filtration quality with in-line and off-line configurations available and it only requires 250mm of fall from the inlet to outlet.

The SPEL Hydrosystem is very suitable as an end of line polishing unit to compliment primary and secondary systems like the Ecoceptor stormwater management system, the Stormceptor stormwater solution and the Stormsack water filtration solution.

Installing the SPEL Hydrosystem after these pre-treatment devices allows a reduction in life cycle cost.