The AKS Industries SPEL Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) range covers every application in the primary treatment field. For over 25 years AKS have designed, supplied and installed GPTs to the industry across Victoria and Tasmania.

SPEL Gross Pollutant Trap




The range starts with the Miniceptor, specifically designed to meet the need for a compact, high performing GPT for use on smaller pipe sizes and installations sites with space restrictions. This system comes standard with either 150mm or 225mm inlet and outlet pipes connections.

The solution when pipework and flowrates increase    is the advanced SPEL Ecoceptor range.  Produced in polyethylene or fibreglass configurations, these primary treatment units can be installed on pipes with diameters ranging from 225mm through to 1800mm. Custom units can also be produced to fit box culvert inlets.

On sites where the available space for installation is minimal, AKS recommends the Minicepor Offline GPT. Working offline, it treats the low flows relying on an external bypass for large flows.

Hydraulically efficient, AKS Gross Pollutant Traps are tested and certified in the primary treatment capture of sediment, total suspended solids, gross pollutants, hydrocarbons, oils and nutrients. These GPT units operate on a vortex principle, producing low velocity conditions within the treatment device and excellent discharge quality exceeding required standards.

Our GPT units operate with a vortex, producing low velocity conditions within the treatment device and a great discharge quality that exceeds all standards.

A critical factor in sizing gross pollutant traps is how long each litre of water stays in the unit under full-flow conditions. The Miniceptor and Ecoceptor ranges have the longest dwell time in the industry, meaning pollutants are given additional time to fall out of the flow resulting in higher treatment performance.

In addition, we offer a complimentary stormwater modelling service within the Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) and these systems can be utilised as either a standalone treatment device or as part of a more comprehensive treatment train.

What do you do with pollutants that build up inside the GPT unit?

AKS Industries expertly trained service division are available for one-off call-out jobs or to establish a regular maintenance agreement. Talk to an AKS Industries technician about primary treatment servicing and maintenance.

Talk to an AKS Industries’ consultant for a proposal on a custom stormwater primary treatment system to meet your specifications for projects in Victoria and Tasmania.