Floating wetlands are a natural phenomenon now available for use within stormwater and wastewater projects. Floating islands are not a new invention, in nature these systems have been occurring successfully for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years.

Also known as floating treatment media, retarding basins and constructed wetlands, AKS Industries’ have proven these biological water treatment methods to be a very efficient, low-cost way to enhance municipal wastewater treatment plants Victoria wide.

Retro-fit a floating wetland to existing facilities with minimal cost and without long-term overheads or work the media into new facility design to ensure high performance and low operational costs.

In conjunction with SPEL Environmental and Waterclean Technologies, AKS Industries has created proven packaged biological water treatment solutions that are performance guaranteed for stormwater wetlands, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and for your wastewater lagoons.

AKS aim to provide the best biological water treatment solutions at low capital and operational costs with minimal environmental impact. We call this ‘value engineering’.

Add value and integrity at a low cost to your next project, talk to sales consultant at AKS Industries for a quote on floating islands or floating wetlands Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Australia wide.

What do floating wetlands treat?

Through extensive research and development of biological water treatment plants Australia wide, AKS Industries floating wetlands have proven to be highly effective in the reduction of:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Odour mitigation
  • Nitrification processes
  • De-nitrification and polishing
  • pH stabilisation
  • Reduction in bio-chemical oxygen demand
  • Removal of total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Reduction in faecal coliforms
  • Reduction in phosphorus