Enforcer – the long term water storage solution

Not all tanks are made equal, Enforcer Stainless Steel Tanks are the ideal water storage option in a range of applications where:

  • Water security is crucial, or
  • The highest standards of water quality is required, or where
  • Long-life and/or custom sizing is required.

AKS Industries’ Enforcer range of above ground liquid storage tanks provide the ultimate water storage solutions for space, durability and quality. While we offer a wide range of practical standard sizes, our ability to custom engineer tanks to customer requirements with the smallest possible foot print, saves valuable real estate. Tanks can also be custom designed for wastewater treatment applications where stainless steel is a requirement of the treatment system.

Below: custom designed Enforcer water treatment tanks

Main Enforcer storage applications include:

  • Potable water storage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemical storage and more.

Enforcer Tank Construction

Manufactured to AS3500 standards in one-piece, Enforcer tanks are designed for easy installation with all access manholes, ladders and require inlets and outlets built in. Enforcer Tanks can also be packaged with all the additional pipework, valves and any fittings you require for your installation.

Enforcer water storage tanks are popular with architects, consultants and end users because they are incredibly durable, with a service life of up to 100 years and a warranty of 30 years, these tanks are also fire, rust and corrosion resistant.

Enforcer Tanks are rectangular and made from high quality 316 Stainless Steel as standard, although other grades of steel are available on request. The construction is made up of large stainless steel sheets welded with external bracing and internally stayed for extra rigidity. Access is made easy with multiple entry hatches on the top via access ladders, and on the side at ground level for maintenance serviceability. The all stainless steel construction means the Enforcer provides a highly versatile storage option, either for maintaining a store of quality potable water or for a variety of chemical grade storage. In addition, the smooth, non-porous finish of stainless steel make cleaning easier that tanks made of other more porous materials.

Enforcer Tanks have proven to be reliable, and are a worthwhile investment where water security is crucial or where the highest standards of water quality is required. Talk to a sales consultant from AKS Industries for a quote on water storage tanks or liquid storage solutions for your next project.