AKS is a renowned provider of a diverse range of smart water management systems and products specifically engineered for commercial applications. We provide unparalleled levels of support, giving customers the assurance for installations serving crucial functions. We’re focused on providing major water uses innovative solutions to often complex problems involving: water storage, reticulation, fire protection, wastewater, greywater, stormwater, rainwater, sewerage and irrigation.


Our multi-disciplinary approach means we can offer customers whole-site solutions which are both efficient and cost-effective. Utilising our own manufacturing and testing facility, customers also benefit from our ability to provide bespoke solutions adapted for specific users or purposes. To help solve the unique range of problems faced by our customers we have developed five dedicated specialist groups.

  • Building Services Group
  • Wastewater Treatment Group
  • Stormwater Treatment Group
  • Irrigation & Filtration Group
  • Delivery & Maintenance Group


AKS is a leading manufacturers of pumping systems and water treatment systems, we manufacture, stock and service everything we sell. So you can be sure of complete service when you deal with us, from concept to completion and ongoing maintenance with the following products and services:

  • ULTIMA / Stormwater / Sewer pumping stations
  • CASCADE / Cold water booster pumping systems
  • EQUATOR / Hot water circulator pumpsets
  • PURERAIN / Rainwater harvesting / Filtration systems
  • TORPEDO / Below ground retention tanks
  • DOMINATOR / Fire pumpsets / Fire tanks / Pump enclosures
  • AUSTRAL / Aboveground storage tanks
  • Grease arrestors
  • WINNOW / Irrigation filtration products
  • SPEL / Stormwater treatment systems
  • STORMCHAMBER / Below ground retention systems
  • WATERCLEAN / Floating water treatment systems
  • AVENGER / Reverse osmosis / Desalination treatment plants
  • ORB MIXER powered and Solar powered floating mixers
  • MemPac Ultrafiltration / Reverse osmosis / SBR treatment plants
  • HAUSLER / Dewatering systems
  • AquaBEAD / Floating Media
  • TRENT / Air blowers
  • AGGRESSOR / Air blowers
  • SENTRY / DAF Systems
  • ESCAVA / Rotary,Bar and Static Screens
  • ESCAVA /Grit separators / Conveyors
  • Full packaged treatment and disinfection plants.

Talk to the friendly AKS team to discuss your requirements for projects anywhere in Victoria.