World’s Largest Floating Wetlands

Location: Park Lakes 2, Sunshine Coast

Customer: Covey Associates

Products: SPEL Floating Wetlands

Total Size: 2,100 square metres

The Challenge

To remove stormwater pollutants from wetlands.

Our Solution

The world's largest Floating Wetlands allowing developers to meet environmental requirements while creating a clean ecosystem for wildlife and green space for residents and the local community.

AKS Industry created the world’s largest floating wetlands working with SPEL on the Sunshine Coast. As part of our commitment to providing innovative environmental solutions, the system measures 2,100 square metres made from 278,000 recycled soft drink bottles otherwise bound for landfill.

Similar to a hydroponic system on a large commercial scale, floating wetlands catch stormwater run off from storm and flooding events which passes through the root system that have grown down to create a surface of biofilm that traps pollutants and sentiment. This system removes Total Suspended Solids (TSS), or sediment, total nitrogen and total phosphates from the stormwater, requirements for commercial construction in Queensland.

Not only are floating wetlands easy to maintain, they are fast to establish with plants reaching maturity within 6 months. They allow developers to meet environmental commitments and maximise the number of lots per site while creating a clean ecosystem for wildlife and green space for residents and the community.

The Sunshine Coast Council have established a 4 year working research system with the University of Sunshine Coast capturing results and gathering data from storm and flood events.

‘We pride ourselves on leading the way and protecting our environment. The floating wetlands appear to be a promising option to protect and improve water quality,’ Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Mayor.