Wastewater Summit Melbourne OCT 3RD-4TH

Our Solution

At the upcoming Wastewater Summit AKS will be showcasing our patented ORB Solar which has been proven as a highly efficient way to manage blue/green algae on lagoons. Running cost are keep to a minimum by harvesting solar energy and even deep storage can be de-stratified, significantly raising overall dissolved oxygen levels. We'll also feature a range of Diffused Aeration solutions that can be tuned to provide the most efficient outcomes. AKS is located at Stand G41, we look forward to seeing you there! For more information contact: Damien McKay on 1800 810 139

Wastewater Summit hosts three distinct focus areas:

  1. Technology – seizing opportunities in wastewater technology and innovation
  2. Strategy –creating new revenue streams through wastewater-to-energy and developing cost-effective strategies
  3. Compliance – navigating the regulatory framework to understand impacts to your organisation.

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Wastewater Summit features 21 speakers over 2 days, it’s a free-to-attend seminar program which includes an educational component led by the industry experts, giving you the opportunity to share knowledge on a range of topics including innovation, technology, regulation and new industry developments.

Waste Expo Australia is co-located with All Energy Expo 2018 to form Australian Sustainability Week.