Polluted Runoff Washing Livestock, Trucks & Irrigating Ovals

Location: Weddel Rd, North Geelong

Customer: City of Greater Geelong

Products: SPEL Stormceptor

The Challenge

The client had three consumers of water that could be made more sustainable. These users included the local sale yards, a truck wash and a football field. The source of water for recycling included urban runoff, which contains sediments and hydrocarbons and runoff from a quarry, this contained frequently high loading of salt. This meant that a traditional harvesting system would not produce the highest yield and the best outcome long term. An application was formed, funding was received and the project design started!

Our Solution

Harvesting stormwater from a new land development project and saline water from an old quarry and supplying this as treated to Class A water to 3 remote reuse points calls for a highly efficient treatment solution. AKS, SPEL’s Victorian Design Office, worked with the consultant and the client to provide a solution that fitted with a tight budget whilst providing maximum yield. This project consisted of a SPEL Stormceptor with an integral pump station, this was harvesting water, through a diversion weir, and pumping it to above ground 750kl tanks. The pumping and treatment system takes the tank water, pre-treated to Class 1 quality through the Stormceptor, and provides further treatment through media filtration and UV to produce Class A water. The control system, this including a salinity detection system, remote valving at the reuse locations and the telemetry for remote monitoring. AKS provided this as a turnkey project also completing project supervision and instruction throughout the installation process under the direction of the client.