SPEL Puraceptor Time-Lapse Installation

Location: Melbourne

Customer: Caltex

Products: SPEL Puraceptor

This is a time-lapse installation of a SPEL Puraceptor for Caltex on a Melbourne site. It is a proactive upgrade of an unmanned diesel refuelling station to ensure that the development was future proofed with remote monitoring and control spill containment.

As a retrofit to an ageing site, drawings aren’t always accurate and don’t show the correct location of drainage lines. That was certainly the case on this project. On completion of the excavation, it was discovered that the levels were very tight and drainage lines had to be chased over the adjoining project.

OH & S requirements also stipulated that the system had to be installed without personnel entering the excavation.

The Puraceptor P.020.C1.2C was installed – it can treat 20LPS (the flow from the entire site) and simultaneously contains spills. With an OilSET 1000, a spill detection system is installed to alert for spills and maintenance and wired back to the control centre.

As with any retrofit, this installation had its challenges but the project was completed in less than a day. 6 hours and 46 minutes to be exact. A great outcome for SPEL and AKS Industries.

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