SPEL Puraceptor for Monash Children’s Hospital Helipad

Location: Monash Children's Hospital Melbourne

Products: SPEL Puraceptor

The Challenge

At the very top of the Monash Children's Hospital is a helipad allowing patients to be delivered safely to the site for vital emergency care. It provides the fastest and safest transfer for emergency patients, gives access to regional patients and frees up ambulances for localized Melbourne emergencies. The site required a high risk environmental solution to protect the environment from any potential hydrocarbon spills on the helipad and direct to an onsite waste water retention and pre-treatment system before discharging it to the sewer.

Our Solution

The SPEL Puraceptor oil water separator was the perfect solution for this high risk project. As the stormwater tanks are purpose-built and pre-fabricated at AKS Industries, there is onsite assemblage required. As the installation was on the roof of a children's hospital, this delivered substantial labour cost savings for the project. Over 1000 installations in stormwater system installations across Victoria and Australia, made the SPEL Puraceptor a reliable choice. It operates using gravity, eliminating the need for power and the alarm and monitoring system make it a safe and viable option for a high risk area.

The SPEL Puraceptor was the perfect fit as an oil water separator to prevent oil spills from the helipad atop the Monash Children’s Hospital.