Flood Prevention for High Density Infill Subdivision

Location: Croydon, Victoria

Customer: Developer

Products: SPEL StormChamber Detention Tank

Total Volume: 427m³

The Challenge

This 34 lot, high density, infill subdivision that had the challenge of many developments. No room to detain the flows required,this had a high requirement placed on the planning permit, to detain the flows to prevent downstream flooding. To do this, 427m³ of detention tanks were required. To make the site more challenging, the only available space for this was under the roadways. In design, this ruled out some of the underground tank solutions, the loading prevented the use of these.

Our Solution

When working through the design and with the contractor to ensure that construct-ability was high on the agenda, the contractor chose to use the SPEL StormChamber for its ease, durability and speed that thesystem could be installed. Saving time a great deal of the cost. The testing and very high loading capacity of the StormChamber made this a safe decision.