Macerator Put to the Hydraulic Flow Test

Location: AKS Industries Factory, Victoria

Products: Ultima Macerator

Flow Rate: 1 to 400+ LPS

This is the patented AKS Ultima Macerator Station going through hydraulic flow testing. The unique design has an anti-blocking flow path so that if the system jams or the power is out the flow will not flood but bypass.

The purpose-built macerator has a series of hardened cutting teeth able to grind, shred or macerate anything that passes through the sewerage system. As you can see from this test, the macerator can shred soft and hard plastics, timber, paper and cardboard.

Suitable for flow rates 1 to 400+ LPS, the Macerator is quick and easy to install, easy to access for maintenance and has an anti-jamming reverse feature.

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