Environmental HydroChannel for Clarence City Council, Tasmania

Location: Clarence City, Tasmania

Customer: Clarence City Council

Products: SPEL HydroChannel

Our Solution


A HydroChannel for council apartments consistent with Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) creates the ultimate environmental solution and stormwater treatment for the Clarence City Council in Tasmania. Learn more about SPEL Hydrosystem. 

The Challenge
Decentralised stormwater treatment is increasingly specified on development projects by councils and planners. As with the recent project completed by AKS Industries for Clarence City Council in Tasmania, it is important for Water Sensitive Urban design (WSUD) as it can be installed cost effectively and with precision.

The Solution
The AKS Industries team are proud to have presented environmental solutions for the completed development at Clarence City Council. The SPEL Environmental HydroChannel provided treatment, within the grated trench to meet the Council WSUD requirements. Best practice was achieved with discharge to kerb and channel with low cost installation and affordable ongoing costs with low maintenance.