Dobson Park Stormwater Havesting Scheme

Location: Melbourne

Products: Bafflebox, Stormceptor, Pure-rain

Date: 13 May 2019

The Challenge

Managed by Knox Council, Dobson Park and Tim Neville Arboretum includes: playgrounds, sports grounds and facilities, parkland with wetland areas. AKS was asked to help design a stormwater system that would reduce the parks reliance on mains water supply for irrigation.  

Our Solution

AKS designed and provided a comprehensive stormwater management system that could harvest and treat stormwater from the surrounding roads, then store and distribute it across the site using our Stormceptor, Bafflebox and Purerain products. The goal was to maintain the year-round health of the park using a self-managing intelligent system that could take demand away from mains water supply and be monitored online, making resources and maintenance easier to manage. Watch the below video to get a full appreciation of the schemes scope and effectiveness.

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