Aria Estate – Stormwater Treatment without the Loss of Land

Location: Plumbton, Victoria

Customer: Subdivision developer combined with the local council

Products: Stormceptor & SPEL filter

Excavation depth: Approx. 2 metres

And anything more...: The discharge from this development

The Challenge

To meet the local requirements of contaminate reductions in their storm water discharge from the development into the environment.

Our Solution

Aria Estate in Plumbton, in Melbourne Victoria, has moved forward in the handling of the storm water treatment from the new development. The discharge from this development flows into a babbling creek giving the area an aesthetically pleasing environment, which is naturally better than any man made wet lands. However, the treatment needed to take place before discharging into the creek so as not to upset the long established ecology of the region. This was achieved without any loss of potential sites by using a SPEL treatment train consisting of a Stormceptor & a SPEL filter below one of the footpaths, providing all the required treatment in one small area. Simple maintenance and outstanding performance coupled with no loss of sale-able land are just some features making this concept very attractive.